Sara Dhanani

Old fashioned trifle

In Dessert, Favorite Recipes on June 7, 2014 at 2:27 pm

This summery dessert takes me back to my childhood when the heat in Karachi was unbearable. This cooling dessert was a favorite amongst all the kids and adults. My most fondest memories are of the trifle made by my Mami and also my chachi. It’s hard to say which was better, both made lovingly with layers upon layers of delicious custard, jello and summer fruit.

Here’s my easy spin-off the classic, feel free to substitute whatever fruit
you like.







One package instant jello (strawberry is our favorite)

Custard prepared from scratch or packaged

Pound cake – store bought or home made

Fruit (grapes, banana, strawberries)


Put on some music. Slice your pound cake thinly. Get out a pretty, pretty bowl or individual pretty bowls. Layer custard, then pound cake, custard again, jello, a sprinkling of fruit and custard again. Repeat this a few times finishing the last layer with fruit and a little jello. Chill in the fridge till ready to eat.



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