Sara Dhanani

Finally here.

In Favorite Recipes on April 30, 2010 at 6:07 pm

After having debated on the idea of writing a blog for almost 3 years, I’m here. After the birth of my daughter, it makes a little more sense. I don’t know if she’ll share my love of experimenting in the kitchen or even want to know how to boil an egg. But this blog is for putting recipes together for the day that inspiration hits her. I hope it inspires you to take a chance, play a little with your imagination and not take cooking too seriously.

Mostly I cook with whole grains, real butter and try to use natural ingredientsĀ . There are no apologies – I will be bastardizing recipes to the utmost! mostly to make them a little more nutritious. So here’s to spending more time in the kitchen..

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